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Electronic medical records (EMR) software systems allow providers to complete much of their workflow electronically. Documentation can be captured by dictation, form completion, and free text, orders and prescriptions can be sent electronically, and lab and radiology results can be received directly back into the electronic chart. Because of the improvements in structured data capture, decision support, and patient safety, the US goverment has put together a program to subsidize EHR purchases. (Electronic Health Record, or EHR, can be used interchangeably with EMR.) Hospitals and clinics that demonstrate "Meaningful Use" - completing a number of defined tasks in a certified EMR software system - can qualify for Medicaid or Medicare-based incentives.

The EMR software Meaningful Use definition will expand over the new few years, following a three stage plan from CMS. Implementing a system that allows you to capture structured data (i.e. demographics and smoking status) and to send data (to labs, immunization registries, etc.) is the first step. Moving forward, practices and hospitals will need to implement secure messaging to allow information exchange with patients, as patient portals, which will give patients the ability to download health information on demand, and potential pay bills and schedule appointments from the web.

Because of the increasing demand for capable medical software to manage both the charting and the practice management aspects of health care, the market has become crowded with EMR vendors. The EMR Software Guide has been assembled to assist doctors and administrators in the review and selection process. Complete the form above now to receive custom recommendations, quotes, and demos for the systems that best match your needs, from an organizational, specialty, and location standpoint.


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